Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Hanukris Everyone!

Wary of separate celebrations and traditions, Jakie and Oliver long ago came up with Hanukris, and we finally made good on it this year.  Ah, Hanukris, a time of togetherness and unity - when we can pull together the best of all traditions.  It's all about mirth and melding. Pedar gave a most excellent homily (everyone looks forward to the Hanukris homily), intoning meaningfully about the true meaning of Hanukris.  We're still looking for a deity, striving for a female one just, you know, to keep things going - but thus far, Hanukris Kristin isn't inspiring anyone.  Hanukris Kafka and Hanukris Kali are right out. We're contemplating Hanukris Kalanit (the name means flower which would be lovely, but might not be irreverent enough) (because God forbid we should take our parody seriously!). :-)

As with any holiday, the feast is key.  It took Rebecca and I about two seconds to come up with the Jewish side of the feast: lamb and latkes, of course. A fabulous combination of flavors, plus, if you say it out loud, it sounds really, really delicious. Go ahead, try it "Lamb n' Latkes."  Mmmm.  The, as it was soon dubbed, "Christian side dish" was harder to come up with.  I had the honor of looking through a Minnesota church cookbook, but the amount of cream of mushroom soup used in unthinkable combinations was too much. So I went for green beans with shallots - probably Presbyterian in its sparseness.  Turning to English dessert traditions of this time of year, however, I did come up with...

...a Trifle!!! Definitely the most mis-named dessert of all time.  It's not dessert, it's architecture! And endless in its possibilities. Mine was pound cake, whipped cream with Grand Marnier, and for the layers kumquats in syrup and wine-poached cranberries.  A Happy Hanukris was had by all!!!  All of this made me so grateful for friends and our laughter and the ersatz utopias we create that nonetheless can take on plenty of meaning. 


  1. Ahh, the food sounds scrumptious, the company divine (pun intended). I miss your joyful company. Soon, soon, dear friends.
    Love, Julia

  2. mmmm, and now, to plot for New Year's Eve!