Saturday, December 25, 2010

The True Meaning of Macmas

Today is Macmas! Or, as some call it, Macanalia.  It is a day of celebration for a man whose kindness and wit and patience and light makes this planet pretty terrific to dwell in.  Brunch for friends in the morning, great big snowstorm in the afternoon, Mamie driving in early, impromptu dinner, inexplicable love for the Vicar of Dibley, and then tracking Santa on the way cool NORAD (which stands for North American Aerospace Defense Command - best uses of American tax dollars ever) for the rest of the evening.  Oh man! He's in South Dakota as I write - best get to bed. Our rational child (Iris) went right to bed; Oliver stayed up reading, despite "trying really hard to exhaust myself today;" and Eleanor, sweet wild Eleanor, refuses to go to bed - this is how I find her passing the time until I can swoop her off to bed to wait for Santa with her.  Happy hoping for all good things, everyone.


  1. I miss you, my dear friends - on Macmas, Chritsmas, or any other day.
    Glad tidings and love,

  2. Tu es bien chou ma petite popette!

  3. We're all thinking of your cozy house this Christmas morning - please give everyone great big hugs from us, with great anticipation and joy for your return!
    love love