Monday, December 13, 2010

Glad Music

There's my petunia - the littlest one, with her belly still kind of poking out the way little children's do - she seems so small up there!  But she was expansive in her possibilities playing her three pieces of piano for the recital. There does indeed seem to be a great deal of music going on these days - many many people making a joyful noise - and the good will and fervor in that recital hall was marvelous.  I'm so grateful for all these glad songs, and I am grateful that I can broadcast them into the ether and its expansive possibilities - the image of music spreading gladly across some unknown expanse from such tiny fingers is really kind of lovely.

So that's a piece called "The Waltz of the Christmas Toys" - Iris thought it sounded more "toylike" up high, so dear Mrs. Carkeek said by all means, play it up top.

 And here are "The Blue Bells of Scotland" to take you back to the old country (!). Check out the curtsy on that girl!  She had such a good time - we both did.  There was a third one called "The Butterfly," too.  While the recital was happening a snow storm whipped up quite a bit of excitement outside - this season is bringing out some real warmth.


  1. Fantastic!!! Charlotte asked to hear them again! And, we agree, definitely more toy-like higher up!!!

  2. You're so sweet! I've been meaning to write a huge HUZZAH! and CONGRATS! for your new niece - cute as a button she is. And am I reading Facebook correctly to understand that Karen got married? HUZZAH again! As soon as life settles down here, there are some exuberant phone calls to be made!!!!

  3. Anne, Karen and TJ were married over Thanksgiving week. We all traveld to CA and had such a wonderful week with them - the wedding, lots of family time, Disneyland and Legoland and a West Coast Thanksgiving! It was a terrific vacation! And, Audrey Ann is the newest member of our family. My sister is doing great and all the kids are absolutely smitten with her. It's been a wonderful Christmas season so far! Hoping you get some time with your new nephew and have a wonderful break! Glad you all are well and hope our paths cross in 2011 - we miss you guys! Love, Mere