Monday, December 10, 2012

It's Hanukris Time: the Loaded Latke
It is the moveable feasts of all moveable feasts; the festival of lights and lamb and latkes: Hanukris! Our third annual, and Rebecca and I went for it again. My images won't load, so I'm going with the witty latke mug, because' it's making me smile.  The latkes vied with the lamb this year in utter crazy deliciousness:

LATKES with the following options:
Greek yogurt and honey with pomegranate seeds
sour cream and scallions
wasabi mayonnaise and caviar
traditional applesauce

Butterflied leg of lamb with an artichoke stuffing
Pomegranate Juice infused leg of lamb

I'm totally falling down on the job with the "Christian side dish" - I just can't bring myself to open a can of cream of mushroom soup and cook ironically. So we had steamed asparagus. And then for dessert, my new thing: a cranberry meringue tart. Meringues are cool, alchemy for the easily impressed (which is totally me, since I think egg whites develop photographs, which they do, but not how I think they do). As wonderful, of course, is this occasion to be with our dear friends. Hanukris is a Thing now: the kids look forward to it. They start asking when it's going to be in late November. Oliver and Jakie came up with a restaurant they want to open: the Loaded Latke. I'd be first in line. Moveable feasts are great for reasons that I would love to elaborate upon at some point. For now, this piece from the Biblical Archaeology Society will do nicely as a meditation on the moveable feast that stopped moving: Christmas.

Can you tell there's a mountain of grading to be done? Can you tell that all I want to do is read and talk and cook?  In three minutes, students will hand me another mountain. But I shall grade that one, too, and finish grading All Things this week. Next week will thus be completely mine for the final revisions to an article and the last polishing of the Ecology of Medieval Art syllabus. Huzzah!

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