Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer's Writing

There is much that I could write about the anxiety of putting together invigorating writing assignments for my syllabi, about anxieties and aspirations of writings for myself, and about all of the other seasonal writing anguishes of this time of year. Instead, as inspiration to keep on writing throughout the coming year, and grow the little writing I did this summer, I just want to write down two of the children's writings from this summer. As ever, I keep their spelling. Thanks, guys.

Three Poems by Iris about Getting a Dog
Dear Mom and Dad, I have writin three poems that prove my point that a dog or pupy is way better then a cat or kittin.

Puppy, a poem
I'd really like a pupy dog thoe
my siblings want a cat. A cuet
little pupy dog that will jump when I open the door.
Unlike a cat.
The pupy dog I want is going to be like Misse Kissy Face.
Pleas Mom and Dad, say yes.

Cat, a poem
A cat just sits aruond all day and meows when you pet it.
A cat is really worthlis
Unlike a pupy dog.
My siblings want a cat a boring pet
Well, I want a active pupy dog.
Pleas Mom and Dad, say no.

Pupy and Cat, a comparing poem
A cat just lays around all day.
It prrs when you pet it
like a mashein.
While a pupy dog jumps when you enter.
and is very active.
Which one do you think will keep us beesy for the summer?

A Brief Response by Oliver to the prompt "What is a place that makes you feel like a different person and why how?" [he crossed out the "why" and wrote in "how"]

Usually, I'm Oliver everywhere. A place that makes me feel diffrent is Israel. It just makes me feel free and without boundaries and laws and I feel very adventurous.


  1. Anne, I love these!!! They are both very thought provoking. Oliver is a such a deep thinker and Iris is so persuasive!!! I can just feel her NEED for a "pupy" dog and NOT a cat! Love to you all! Mere

  2. Iris's teacher has talked about her "voice" in writing. For me it's the last line of the last poem that does me in - who uses a rhetorical question like that?

  3. "A cat is really worthlis / Unlike a pupy dog." My new favorite line of poetry!