Sunday, July 17, 2011


And so we're in North Carolina.

These are the days that i really relish being unable not to wake up early. A novel awaits and all is quiet. Water that is not the ocean (a sound?) is beyond those trees and in a few hours, an enormous group of us will go to the beach. Last night gathered everyone and two of my cousins brought a Southern feast (yes, crab quiche is delicious). The Cleveland crowd (my brother's in-laws) were happy. There is a very particular rush of gladness in the realization that your brother, whom you love dearly, is dearly loved. And so vacation begins, our 7th here in 8 years - what now we might well consider a tradition that began with that first wild trip in 2004, when we brought my dad, thinking that being here, where he grew up, would bring him back to us. It didn't, of course, but it's brought us back here, and now the children take us to their favorite places, and the air is sweet with the promise of the sea.

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  1. Happy vacation! You've reminded me to focus on being in Australia, not the chore of getting there ... !

  2. Will getting there not be half of the fun? or maybe half of the editing? I send you many good wishes (and deep envy for your audience) for your address there. Meanwhile, my thinking about the ocean, which had been shaped almost exclusively by Iris Murdoch's _The Sea, The Sea_, now revels in your words, and, via your blog, those of Steve Mentz's piece in _Ecocritical Shakespeare_ - back to the deep today!

  3. Hi Anne, So glad you are in NC and hope you are having a wonderful time! Brings back memories of visits past!! Wish we could be there with you. Hugs and kisses to all the kids and looking forward to hearing more about your trip. Love, Mere