Tuesday, October 5, 2010


That, you see, is how "fabulous" is spelled when you're Miss I writing about your week-end.  And indeed the adventures these chickitas managed to have bespeaks some serious fabyowlosity. How long, do you think, before Miss E joins a punk band?  I have this picture here because kids are great, and powerful, and their energy is totally unlike ours.  This is what our entire community is fervently reminding themselves of right now.  Because the truth is, things are not fabulous, things are really hard: a little classmate of Miss I's was hit by a car and suffered a brain injury.  The parents are incredible, the community is incredible, and the little guy is a hero.  I find myself reliving very specific moments of my dad's brain injury and finding hope in the comparison - this little boy is going to be ok; he's already so much farther ahead than my dad was (in some ways than my dad ever got). It's just going to take months of rehab and therapy, and the road seems very very long.  But kids are different, right? They heal, they adapt so differently.  They are not immune to feeling tragedy, they just enter into it with a matter-of-factness that adults don't have.  They live in the moment.  And they have the energy that these girls have.  Helplessness is a really hard one, and all of the adults are feeling it.  There will be many things we can do when things are more stable. For now, the kids tell the adults that things are going to be ok, and we need to believe them.  And hope for a return to wholeness, to the fabyowlis.

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