Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dutch Courage

Oh my.  Is this how we solve our problems?  Turns out that this was a synopsis exercise from one of the stories at school, and that the last word is supposed to be "gift" - as in to cheer Rick up.  Still, I have this terrible image of this poor Rick, passed out on our couch and the kids bringing him a little pick me up. !!!  There's no medieval connection to pursue here, since gin has its origins in 17th century Holland (who knew?) - it's a fascinating history, but I'm glad that Rick is destined for a gift instead of gin.

 This may be a post without a medieval connection (although there's much to say about class prep for "Love and War" tomorrow: Ovid!, and event more about the piece of medieval narrative that I'm writing: video games!). On Wednesdays we go to have dinner with my dad.  This is both a continually sad affair (brain injury, nursing home), and a happy one (this picture of our motley little crew making its way to the dining room).  It's the kids who make it happy: my dad is regaled by Miss E in her tutu and tap shoes, Miss I playing the piano, and Mister O giving him the latest on the Percy Jackson series.  They love to go see their grandfather, which is so amazing to me, since my dad is mostly so unresponsive emotionally.  But they ask nothing of him - just do their stuff, and tell him their tales. It's true that he never interrupts.  Smile (or cry).


  1. It is you who is brave, my friend, to be so loyal to your dad. Even if he can't show it, he must take great pleasure in having you all there. Gin, anyone?

  2. oh man, you just made my whole day shine - would it be gauche to drink a martini at the apple orchard tomorrow afternoon? what do we do about our Mad Men fix???
    you're the best

  3. Of all the gift joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.

  4. hpm! having just emerged from the TZ Book Fair, which, in addition to fabulous books, is replete with gifts (googley-eyed pens, chocolate-scented calculators) that make me want to "get a gin" i admire you more than ever for your perfect wit!